Friday, August 05, 2005

Some things are very scary Bush re-ignites evolution debate

I often want to ask politicians a number of questions on any number of issues, as I am quite certain, they lack the intellect to provide lucid answers. When the president of the USA steps into a debate that I am quite positive he does not understand, it is very scary. The thing that is most scary is that while Evolution is universal, Intelligent Design is very Christian in its very concept, so calling it an alternative scientific theory demonstrates a serious lack of thinking. It essentially assumes that the doctrine of one faith is superior to the others. If every faith or the majority of religions supported Intelligent Design, then the argument had some credence. Until then, it is akin to teaching one religion in schools and there is no place for that in a good education, especially in a science curriculum. Coming from the President, that is a frightening thought, but sadly, I am not surprised. President Bush has never stepped back and thought things through rationally.

There is an article about some responses in Technology Review.


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