Saturday, October 29, 2005

Technology and our world

One of my favorite magazines is Technology Review, the technology magazine out of MIT. The magazine routinely covers the state of the art in biotechnology, electronics, nanotechnology and other technology areas. The focus is not only on what the latest technologies are, but also which ones are commercially viable and those that are currently receiving an influx of funding. It is amazing what consititutes technology today. Some of us have been fortunate to be at the cutting edge of technology and see their growth over time as they become pervasive in our daily lives.

I strongly believe that the adoption of technology, and more importantly making it available to the general public in a way that is most beneficial is very important for the continued success of society. Many people find technology intimidating, and perhaps it is the fault of us techies, as we tend to make technology sound like science fiction at times (certainly a lot of the tech media does that). If the average person understood technology better, or perhaps was shielded as much as possible, then a lot of the apprehension that I have seen may be overcome. This is especially true for biotechnology and nanotechnology. One rather nice solution: appropriate education.

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