Monday, December 19, 2005

Biotech entrepreneurs

As someone who has been on the business side of biotech for a few years, I found the following article rather interesting. Can a dual-degree in biotech and business really achieve its intended purpose? I would suggest that in general, such a degree is not going to change the career path of the enrolled students. A better solution might be to allow biology/bioinformatics/chemistry grads to pursue elective courses in finance and marketing. That would allow the more business-oriented lot to learn some of the technical aspects of business and choose to follow that path if they need to.

I strongly believe that any success I have had (or am likely to have) on the business end of biotech/nanotech has been driven by my strong scientific background (undiluted by business studies) and by learning the business end the hard way; in the trenches. I would say that the majority of biotech-inclined graduate students are more apt to be interested in the scientific aspects and those who tend to drift towards the business end do so gradually. The more entrepreneurial would probably have gone down that route anyway, regardless of degree.

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