Thursday, December 01, 2005

Science and growing up

I wonder how children percieve science these days? When I was growing up, I had a fascination for the world around me and how it worked. As I started learning more about gravity and the reason the sky was blue, I remember being absolutely awestruck by the simple elegance of some of the science (qualitatively at least) and that early interest is probably why I ended up becoming a scientist. I remember what a big deal the first in vitro fertilization was back in the day. Today I have a feeling people will not even notice. Somehow, and I could be completely wrong, people and as a result children have started taking things for granted. Science is driven by curiosity, by the need to learn more, to understand, and in this world of fast food and instant rice, I am not sure we have the time. The funny thing is that the information revolution has given us tools that can make finding the information (good and bad) a lot easier. All one has to do is go to Wikipedia or use our good friend Google.

Maybe I am just being unnecessarily pessimistic. Maybe kids are using the information available to find out more about what makes nature tick, and just maybe enough of them will learn to respect and understand it to go on and actually make it a career.

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. A post that echoes a sentiment I feel. People are not that interested in "why" anymore.

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